Indian Railways



                         Indian Railways…


Indian railways have been the backbone of India for more than past 2 centuries. It is the largest employment provider in our country. It connects almost every part of the country. ‘I said … ALMOST EVERY PART… Yes… Still after celebrating 68 years of independence …railways hasn’t reached the backward areas. Let’s not go to the poverty factor. Whenever a person thinks of INDIAN RAILWAYS… the foremost things that strike our mind are:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. %age of trains which reaches the destination “ON TIME” in a day
  3. Safety of Passengers.


Well everyone must agree to the points which I stated above. Let’s discuss every topic in brief…

  1. CLEANLINESS: Well I think more than 90% of the people reading this must have travelled at least once in any type of train… it can be Rajdhani express, local trains etc. Everyone knows the condition of toilets n coaches. If u visit any of the toilets or the area nearby, it smells awful. Everyone who visits just thinks to do the work n get off from here ASAP.

This is the condition of our so called Backbone of country.


  1. REACHING ON TIME: Well before starting this part, I want to tell you that I am a daily passenger of local trains. I live in Faridabad n travel to New Delhi almost every day. This was important to know. Well as I travel daily so I can tell you that neither of the local trains (at least) runs on time.

According to INDIAN RAILWAYS Time table of trains, travel from Faridabad to New Delhi is 35 minutes. So if my class is at 9 am, I must take the train of near about 8:15 am approx. And according to the time table, 1 local train is bound to arrive at 7 55 am but in my travel experience of 1 year, I have never seen this train arriving before 8 15 am. So eventually I have to board a train whose time is 7 22 am which actually arrives after 7 40 am.

      I know the story was a little lengthy but I thought I would clear everything by telling a real experienced fact.


  1. SAFETY: Everyone must have seen the latest news of 2 trains getting off the track in “Harda” district in Madhya Pradesh. The reason given by the railway minister was, “Due to the monsoon, the material which is used to hold the track was disturbed by rains and hence the tragedy occurred.”

This reason might be true. But 1 thing which should be considered that 8 minutes ago, 2 trains passed the same track on the same pull in the district. So what was the reason that the tragedy happened only with the former trains?? Was it the driver’s mistake??? Or the Monsoon disturbed the material in just 8 minutes after the first train passed??


Can anyone of you tell me a single year in which NO RAILWAY TRAGEDY had occurred???


These are some questions which everyone should think.


There are many other Topics which can be discussed such as Railway running in losses, Protection for girls travelling alone, People crossing railway lines, Wrong announcements leading to mishappenings, People trying to catch a train which is in motion and the list goes on….


IF anyone has some ideas n want to share it, please do comment.







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