“Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan- opportunity to grab”


2014-2019 .. A span which will be remembered for the cleanliness program initiated by PM Narendra Modi.

One of the effective acts which if done properly by every citizen can bring fruitful results for our future.
The initiative was taken on 2nd October 2014 but unfortunately, the results are not so good even after a year.

Have you seen any changes in terms of cleanliness in your locality and near by areas??
Do you still throw wrappers and wastes on roads and not in dustbins??
Have you taken any initiative to cleans your locality??

No No I am not asking these questions from you. But I would recommend you to ask these questions from your inner part ie. from your soul.

I hope you have got the answer. Every citizen has a right towards his/her country. There is nothing which is impossible. If we start the work today and do it sincerely, forget 2019..India will become as clean as UAE…USA in just 1 year.

“That wrapper isn’t mine. So why should i pick up”

But Mr. Responsible citizen ..that wrapper must have been thrown by 1 of your country mate only.
Every parent teach their child to help your mates and friends. Why not here then?? Make them realize that you are doing something wrong.

Main problem lies in initiating the task. People join after some one takes the lead.
So here are some points on how you can start or take initiative to clean your surroundings.

1. Make a group.

Take some of your friends and fix a time to clean your surroundings once in a week. Your work will lead many others to join your group.

2. Sting operations

You can send pictures and videos of people who throw wrappers or wastes on roads etc and send them to any newspaper’s office.

3. “Lage raho munna bhai” style.

Many of you must have seen the movie “Lage raho munna bhai”. The way of Gandhigiri is not a bad idea even today for “Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan”.

Go ahead. Take initiative for your country. It is the need of the hour.


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