“Diwali…Lets make it a Dil-wali”

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Bringing to life the joy n happiness we forget over the years..
Sending gifts and wishes to our lovely peers…
The gift we give to our well wishers is a part of our love…
Still the need is more to get a better diwali along with the factors above..
Love is shown to our peers but not to our earth..
Every passing diwali brings the threat to our place of birth..
Pollution created through crackers leaves away many diseases..
Noise and pollution is created as every cracker releases
Cant this diwali go green??
Is becoming a pollution free country just a dream???
Just see the amount of pollution one cracker releases as it burns..
See the sky as the ‘Anaar’ burns and the earth mourns…

Lets take a pledge this Diwali..
To make a cracker free ‘Dil wali’
The problem is not a dolly but a menace…
Eventually the people fighting it would only be from our race…
Keep the festival only of lights as its a god grace..!!

Thanks for your valuable time. Spread the word for mother earth.


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