Kidnapping or Rape??

Before u start reading this…Think in ur mind which is a bigger crime …Kidnapping Or Rape..??

I hope u must have thought of the answer to such an easy question.

According to me… Rape is obviously a bigger crime. You cant feel what the victim of a rape goes through. Kidnapping doesn’t atleast destroys the future of a victim what rape actually does. Sympathy is just the thing what people offer to a rape victim nothing else.

Now think of another fact. We burn Raavan’s statue every year. Why?? ‘Burai pr jeet’. Is it?? What was raavan’s fault??

Was this the fault that he kidnapped Sita and kept her safe in his country without even touching her. Yes he was at fault just because he took the wrong path. Every brother is ready to fight with other men to safeguard her sister. Thats what Raavan did.

And for this we burn his statue.

Lets come back to presnt era… 16th decmber 2012 – “Nirbhaya’s Case”

A boy who is not above 18 even…rapes a girl, destroys her life, kills her and what is his punishment… 3 years imprisonment and after that Rs 10k and a sewing machine for betterment of his life. Just because Juvenile Act says that.

Who created these acts??

We, the humans only .. so why not humans only change it as per the need of the hour.

Rape is obviously a bigger crime than kidnapping…so lets stop burning raavan’s statue and burn the statue of this Juvenile.

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