Are we ready to defend any attack?

India has become a hot spot of the world in the past year. With the change in the government in the year 2014, many things came into force and many laws were abolished too. The GDP of India has grown at 7.3% in 2015 which was more than China’s 6.9%. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, with his point of view of bringing FDI in many sectors has lead to the increase in the foreign investments and many countries have shown interest in doing so as well.
With all the factors mentioned above, it has also increased the vulnerability of having more terrorist attacks like what happened in Pathankot. With the increase in FDI, many people will be visiting India in next few years willing to invest their money. But who knows that any person coming to India is coming to plan an attack just like David Headley.
David Headley is the person who provided the information and place for attacks in Mumbai to the terrorists by visiting India 7 times. He was one of the masterminds of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Another interesting fact that out of those 7 times, 6 times he came from Pakistan and once from Dubai. So why wasn’t he questioned? How can a person enter in India 7 times so frequently? This surely raises the question whether India is ready to defend any attack in future or not.
More than 60% of the working population use public transport to travel to their workplace. Some travel by local trains whereas others use buses, metro etc. Indian Railways have the highest commuters where public transport is concerned but has the worst safety measures for its daily passengers. If we leave few big stations such as New Delhi, Mumbai etc, there is no security checks on who is entering the stations and what luggage is he carrying. Forget the checking of bags, there is even no ticket checker most of the times. So how would anyone know if any harmful person enters?
Even the attacks of 26/11 could have been stopped if the security was efficient. Well, the past things cannot be changed but future can be saved.

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