Re living the past..!!

Life was going on an easy track…
Suddenly it stopped…i was pushed back…
Saw life taking many turns…
but i realized that it was the first u-turn…

Things unfolded in mind so soon..
As i saw my old friend who was my life’s cartoon..
Every thing rewinded in me as a video tape..
Things we did together when life was in a perfect shape..
Every drama continued in mind as i was staring her…
The event was big but i felt as a drop in a litre

Anxiously waiting for her to see me and recognize..
My heart was waiting to make her realize..
that it was a misunderstanding which spread on a large scale
Before i could tell you…it had become a tale..

You never talked to me since then…
I remember how u asked me questions…How where and when…
If i got a wish to make from god…
I would ask for the friendship we had when we were in Class 10..!!


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