Cricket on our own terms

India has been an independent democratic country over the last sixty eight years now. You can find cultures getting changed after every 20 kilometers. This sometimes even creates problems within the people of our country. But the thing which binds the people together here is CRICKET. There are many religions in this country but Cricket is itself a religion created by peoples whether they Hindu, Muslim or any other religion. That’s the power of CRICKET in this country.
Since Cricket is loved in this country a lot, the expectations and feelings are too attached with the National team. Every single cricket fan wants India to win every match. It breaks the heart of many people when the team is unable to fulfill the expectations. Such is the craze of this game that if we win a big tournament, the people of the country would treat them as “Aankhon ka Taara”. But if we are unable to win it, same people would start judging each player’s performance. Every person out there suddenly becomes a coach himself when India loses its match. “I think Dhoni should have promoted himself up the order”. “I think the bowlers don’t know how to bowl, they should be removed, there are many young cricketers out there”.
Let me ask you a question. If you can answer these questions correctly I bet you will know the correct reasons for any lost match and you will stop blaming anyone. Do you know the name of every single field position on a cricket ground? Do you know who is benefitted if there is dew on the ground? Do you know which type of pitch supports fast bowling and which type supports spin bowling?
Answer yourself with these questions. I know every cricket fan would do it easily and any fan of Indian cricket team would never burn posters and statues of Indian players.
All of you must have gone through your 12th class board exams (some of you might be younger). Have you felt the pressure of your exams? Have you burnt the midnight oil for your good grades? And suppose you got good grades but not good enough to get to your desired college. How will you feel? Yes you will feel bad but the support of family never ends. They still support you for what you achieved and they console you and motivate you to perform better.
Who are we to burn posters of players? We get fed up with our exams which stretch just for one month and on the other side, there is our national team playing every single match under the expectations of 125 crore people. Let us support them in every match and expect them to win but not just get angry if they lose one match. Every team plays to win for their nation. Let’s respect that and keep this game “A Gentlemen Game”.


One thought on “Cricket on our own terms

  1. Bro, I understand your feelings. I too feel the same way. Those who burn the poster or pelted stones at their houses don’t deserve to be called a cricket fan.


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