The One with the Dream -1

Scorching Summers were at peak…
Forecasts said that the rains were bleak…
It was the starting of the hottest season of the decade..
Rarely I could see anyone in the arcade..

Sun didn’t allow me to go outside..
Television was the only way to keep boring stuff aside ..
News flashed as soon as i turned it on…
Left me shocked and my mind dawn..
I kept thinking that whether it was India or not?

Poor people were being helped by rich spoiled brats..
Was hard to believe but it was a fact..
Never saw that scene before…
Was it the signs of new India that world was going to explore?

This wasn’t the end of it…
People scolded the person who did a road spit…
Making India clean was the clear cut sign…
Spitting on roads and throwing garbage was now not less than a crime.

It wasn’t the end either..
Saw on TV…people got much soother..
Accepted their flaws and even apologized for that…
Rather than giving the punishment..
Court started to reward the people with truth hat…

Big smile was what my face shown…
Thinking of the fact that India had really grown..
Suddenly i heard of voices through no where…
Puzzled as to what was going to happen here..
It was my Mom asking me to wake up…
Everything was gone as i broke my dream hub..
Woke up from the bed with a little strive…
Though at least in a dream… but i saw the best country in this life.


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