You can still call me mad

Maybe you will be ashamed of calling me your friend…
Maybe due to my habits I won’t be your invaluable stipend..

But i want to tell you ..
Everything i do is taught to me by my mom and dad..
But you can still call me mad..

If i ask you to pick the wrapper of chocolate you just threw on the way..
And your unwillingness to pick it up as it troubles your sway…
I would be there to pick it up with a smiling face…
Just because i want the earth to be like the old golden days..

Seeing the earth clean would make you too glad..
But you can still call me mad..

Half of india is dreaded in heat and the other half swims in flood..
This is nothing but earth’s way of shedding tears of blood..
My friend…still this is not a natural disaster…
It is a work done by a man of  caster..
If even 125 billion trees cant be planted by the same number of population…
Yeah..i understand , Personal problems have a go at the frustration..
Dont worry ..You may be busy with your problem..
But i ll do it for you and earth will again blossom…

I am planting and i am going to add..
But you can still call me mad…:)


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