Positivity is in you..!!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”   ~Winston Churchill


Usually I don’t start any of my articles by a quote given by someone else but the idea of writing this article came to me after reading this sentence only.


Life is filled with problems of different kinds. Each and every organism whether it is an ant or a human being face difficulties in their respective lives. But everyone doesn’t get successful. Not because the person didn’t know what he wants but due to the fact that the urge of getting that was pretty minimal which in turn didn’t give a push to his hard work. It is your frame of mind which decides how you look towards your life. If you have a positive attitude towards your life, you will think of glass half filled with water as half filled. But the pessimists will say it half empty.


If you had a day planned to go on an outing with your friends and unfortunately the rain ruined the plan, you habitually get sad. But maybe you can be pleased about the fact that atleast the trees and grasses got the much required water or the ground water increased, not by much, but surely a little.


One fine day you normally went to your work place and find that the lift has been broken and there is no other way but to climb stairs till you reach the sixth floor where your office is situated. Despite feeling dejected about the fact that the lift is broken, you can perceive this as an opportunity to look at your fitness level and check that whether you have the same fitness as you had in your childhood or not?


Problems will accompany you till your heart beats. Positivity is the first step in solving the problems you face. No problem can be solved or no mission can be accomplished until your heart says “I can do it, Bring it on”. Positivity brings in you the much required happy thoughts to keep yourself alive. Once you have the positive approach, everything in this world will appear beautiful.


Stay Positive. Live your life with a smile. images


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