And life goes on..

​Life was on an easy track..

Never worried about the fact..

Whether to wear white or black..

They laughed..they praised

But i didnt react..

Then i found you…

Confidently sitting at the first seat with that ravishing look..

I still remember the moment when the pair of eyes met..

2 minutes of journey which my heart undertook..

New faces i saw in college but the eyes were stalking you..

Knew that i had a place ..which you can book…

Time flew…

Our friendship grew..

From phone calls to social sites…

From morning texts to Good nights..

The only person on my mind was you..

But you had no clue…

Till we got into last year of our course..

“Best friends forever” was our tag at the source…

The bond grew strong with every passing day…

Never thought that exactly after 1 year…

we wouldn’t care enough to say “Hey”

It was the time to part ways…

3 years of fun filled moments were about to end..

Thought that the friendship with her stays..

She too promised to be in touch..

But only god knew..

It was not for a long race..

Remembered all the care and affection she showered…

She blushed as i told she would be the best wife..

Keeping the feelings still inside, i prayed..

Hope she gets the love of her life.


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