Love lost somewhere

Ever since i lost you…

I was furious…

Nothing was in my hand..

But there was something igneous..

Explained the fact to everyone…

That i cant live without you..

They did feel pity for me..

But there was nothing i could undo..

A week went just to get over crying..

Felt like holding you again with these hands..

Even the thoughts made it glorifying…

But the harsh reality still stands..

Meeting you every week was a ritual..

That was practiced by me without missing it…

Who knew what god had written for us…

That for 1 long year…i would be skipping it…

Doctor advised me not to play…

His recommendation was all i wanted to slay..

He was right at his place yet he took my wicket..

My injury was all he cared about..

But he never understood my love for cricket …


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