A Male Perspective..!!

He was a introvert in a mind of an extrovert..

Was a popular guy, but never wanted to be discovered…

Life was tough and so was he..

But mood swings never heard his plea..

Going through rough patches, 

he found some friends..

Always thought whether they will stay..

Or are a seasonal trends..

Being a sportsperson 

he was physically fit…

Always was in news with his gimmick…

But a softness in heart..

Never made him cheat on anyone with his trick…

He was tough but wasn’t dead inside..

Didn’t care about people but he still cried..

Those 2-3 friends were a part of his life…

He never wanted to lose them over a strife…

Never did he took someone advantage..

Neither did he abused with his language..

“Karma” was the one thing he believed…

Hence always did the work in good deed…


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