Day after dawn..!!

Every day ends a dawn..

Every night starts with a yawn..

Another day passes by…

But life goes on…

Each day brings a new memory

Every second passed becomes a history…

But in a life full of relationships..

Some fail and some taste a victory…

Memories faded but you were still on mind…

Sharp as a pencil without a sight of blind…

How can i forget that memorable day…

When you confessed that i made you sway..

You were the first person to confess that…

Falling for me despite i was a stupid brat..

Feeling was special and so mutual…

Talking to you everyday became a ritual…

But time has more power..

As the school era had just ended..

Never thought that such a turn would come..

You never wanted the relation to be defended…

Stalking the profiles was all i could do..

Never she thought what i went through…

Moments were made but future destroyed..

Never thought that life can be enjoyed..

But the time was what i needed..

Life was all how it was treated..

As i left behind sorrows..

With open arms… i was happily greeted.


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