Dusk of school life sat upon him..

As he came out giving the last exam…

That wasn’t the topic on his mind..

The traffic lights of friends created the jam..

Days passed by..
Everyone promised to be in touch..

But as the traffic light turned green…

Everybody left removing foot from the clutch…

He found himself alone..

Neither he cried nor he was made of stone..

Soon another beautiful journey started…

And all the past memories departed…

It was a fresh start in the new world…

College life made his toes curled.

Within a week, he had a gang of friends..

Smiles and problems had a beautiful blend.

Those friends became a life for him…

He got a pool of persons to swim..

Infinite moments were made everyday..

Without selfies, everything was disarray..

Three years of college he most cherished..

Wondered how quickly the time perished..

Still those friends met frequently…

Instead of college,

Their meeting spot was somewhere else lately…


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