What to consider: Present or Future?

 Every person on earth is different. DNA of every person is unlike. So are their views. I have seen many people constantly focusing on what life they want to live in future. No matter the person is 20 or 50, he/she always thinks of safety in future.

How many times has the news flashed that a student went in depression as he was unable to cope with studies for board exams and had fear of getting less marks. How many times a shareholder changed his investments in stock market due to his possible fear of losing money.  Also, the fact cannot be denied that one must think about what to do with one’s life. But thinking about long way ahead of time is wastage.

While in the 1990’s or the first decade of 20th century, did anyone think that a call from mobile will be 2 paisa per second? Akshay Kumar wanted to be in military before he became an actor. You don’t know what would happen to you the next minute when you finish reading this article.

Life will move where it is destined for. You, as a person, are a guide to this life. But, ruining the present for a better future is not the way to do it. Stop worrying about the problems which haven’t even occurred in life.

Love what you do and do what you love. Give yourself a break and enjoy the life.


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