Words left unsaid..!!

As an advisor to his friends..

He was an expert…

But whenever his turn came..

He became a blank minded introvert

It was his final year..

When she took admission…

As soon as he saw her..

She became his addiction…

His shyness became the biggest enemy..

Whenever she would pass,

He looked no less than a mummy..



Months passed, semester changed..

But the confessing day never came,

Little did he knew..

That she also felt the same..



Eagerly waiting for him to confess..

Her heart was in a terrible mess..

She wanted him to acknowledge..

All he wanted was a little courage..



And, the goodbye day came..

Last day for him to acclaim..

She too gave her hopes a thumbs up..

As he was the only one she was all dressed up…



Finally, the eyes met..

The stage was all set..

As he came up to her…

But he could say was..

“Can we have a picture please?”



“Why didn’t he ask yet?”

All the questions in her mind departed..

Both the hearts were skipping beats..

But the eyes never parted..



Finally, she decided to confess..

But her heart never really helped to express..

His presence for her was so awestruck..

All she could say was, “Good Luck”.


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