A Blessing by God..!! 

True love happened very first day..

When i held your finger with my fist..

Even the God was jealous..

As i got the perfectionist…

Healing the wounds was never an issue..

As it never affected the heart…

But it felt like an organ missing..

When i lived away from you, miles apart.

Now, i understood why they say

Old is Gold…

No matter how many new places i eat at..

The best would still be


Always saving me from dad’s scolding..

Your dupatta was my umbrella,

When the heat was scorching..

Alongside supporting family as a wife..

You also taught me how to live the life..

Every night, even if i am away…

I need to talk to you..

I need to know that you are fine…

Because Maa, you are the one..

Who holds my heart with a glue..!!

Sacrifices you made,

Are now yielding results..

Seeing you happy and healthy..

My heart also exults..

No goal in my life is excruciating…

But to see you in pain is the most difficult..!!


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