“Little things that matter”

No matter what we achieve..

No matter what we believe..

But the happiness is connected by a string..

Those are called the “little things”

Maybe it won’t be any of your business..

Maybe there is no one for you to impress..

But passing a little smile to a stranger kid..

Will do wonders and surely the god will bless…

People ain’t got time to devote…

But have ample time for an anectode..

Try sitting with parents for half hour atleast.

Maybe they too require your support..

Wanting the person who doesn’t want you..

And crushing the feelings of one who falls for you…

Maybe you don’t value it today…

But you will,

When that person will say “adieu”

Have seen poor people enjoy..

And rich people in stress..

As they dont have those “little things”

Included in their success..

For some it is the guitar strings..

For some it is the “chicken wings”

But the happiness truly lies..

In these “Little things”


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