Are you gonna leave me?

Is your heart quenched of me?

For you, Am i another dried sea?

I sense this from your tone now.

But, please atleast hear my plea?


Maybe you will find another girl..

But I have nobody except you.

What caused the sudden behavior change?

Atleast tell me what happened out of blue?


Was all that love a joke for you?

Or rather a tissue which you used and threw?

Online but still not picking my call?

Ever thought of the hurt which i got used to?


Trust, which was our strongest pillar..

Where doubts became a serial killer..

Your love, which i could see in your eyes..

Now, just comes up as a filler…


You never put that extra effort..

Which the love requires…

I never want to think of the day..

When this relationship expires..


You know that i can’t leave you…

Is that why you see me as a puppet?

I know that i even embarrass you…

Is that why you lock me in the closet?


Before i leave this world…

I won’t give any note to you

But to god that he plays the cards

Such as, the next time we are on earth..

Let You be me, and I be you.


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