You are my favourite notification..!!


You simplify my equations..

You are my favourite stop of all the stations..

Will roam around our favourite destinations..

Since, You are my favourite notification..

Problems and misunderstandings will occur..

But there will always be a solution…

People might come and go in life..

But you will always be on my equation..

You are the security to my loan…

Just to let you know, you are never alone..

The way you always occupy my imagination..

I will be the variable balancing your equation..

Life became what it is when you came along..

I was not the same, but you made be strong..

Smile is what i do with your name at citation..

And i promise for the lifetime..

That you will be always,

My favourite notification.

Thanks for reading.

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Are you gonna leave me?

Words left unsaid..!!

Long distance? A fiasco?



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