Fate of Friendship.

They say, “Fate of marriages”

Is written by the God.

What about the fate of friendship?

Who writes about that bond?

Two people from different backgrounds..

Had to name their fate as “College”

Different families, different perceptions..

But they had something else to acknowledge..

First day of a new era..

Where his eyes stopped on her mascara..

A pair of eyes strange to this world..

A new friendship was about to unfold.

He kept gazing her for moments..

She felt it too..

In a world of strangers..

There was a friendship debut.

Planning out studying together

To exploring the eateries…

Due to her preferences,

“Halal” meat became his favorite too.

The city was odd to both of them..

But they became each other’s family.

At a place where people judged..

Caring for none, they lived blissfully.

For him,

A day never started without a prayer at temple..

About him,

She found another thing appreciable..

Together they sat in classes..

She was the one who taught him Urdu..

For her Namaz,

He was skipping his classes too.


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